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Our Story

How It All Started

Biggabed was conceptualized in 2019 at Middlebury College from a late-night conversation between friends in Hadley Hall. What came shortly after was the first prototype on the right, created with broken hockey sticks, tape, and 3D-printed hooks. 

Luckily for you, our product has improved drastically since 2019 and over 1000 Biggabeds have been sold across six different schools in the U.S. We expanded to serve Bucknell students in 2023!

Old Hooks_edited.jpg
The Team

The Team

IMG_5468_Original 3.jpg

Ben Morris '24

Bucknell University
Campus Director

Ben Morris is a driven student with diverse interests and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, Ben is a student leader in Bucknell Outdoor Education Leadership. Additionally, Ben works at his university's technology help desk, known as Tech Desk. In his free time, Ben enjoys playing golf and woodworking, specifically making furniture. He has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, starting multiple businesses as a child, leading him to start his own cutting board business out of his home in Massachusetts. As an economics major, Ben looks forward to working in business and entrepreneurship in his future career.

Jeffrey Gibbs '24

Campus Director

Jeffrey Gibbs.jpg

Jeff Gibbs '24

Bucknell University
Social Media Manager

Jeffrey is a multi-talented student with a passion for sports and design. As an accomplished athlete, Jeffrey has excelled in Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field. Off the field, he has honed his creative skills as a Product and Industrial Designer, with a keen eye for detail and functionality. Jeffrey is also a skilled Graphic Designer, capable of creating stunning visual designs that capture the essence of any brand or message. With his diverse skillset and dedication to excellence, Jeffrey is sure to make a mark in whatever field he chooses to pursue.

Sophia is in charge of managing everything and marketing everything. If you have any Biggabed questions, she answers them!



Direct Charity

Sustainability is super important, but so is immediate impact. That's why, every year, Biggabed will donate 5% of profits to an organization whose goal is to create positive change and assist those marginalized by the society we live in.

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Frame Recycling

Our wooden frames are custom-made to support you and your sleep. Once they get worn out, they'll be repurposed through a range of partner companies for a variety of different needs. Nothing will be wasted!


Tree Planting

It's pretty simple; for every bed we rent, we plant two trees. We did the math - each of our bed frames uses about 1/20th of the average sized-logging tree. We decided we'd plant two trees anyways.

To learn more about One Tree Planted, a Shelburne VT, non-profit organization, check out their website below.

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